The Cast

Cheyenne O’Cuinn

Human Turned Vampire
ExsanguiNation Avatar: Lady Caz
Relationship Status:
Live: Khaldon Seters
Horoscope: Gemini

Khaldon Seters

Born Vampire
ExsanguiNation Avatar: Roxas
Relationship Status:
Online: Lady Caz
Live: Cheyenne O’Cuinn
Horoscope: Aquarius

Sheridan O'Cuinn

Sheridan O’Cuinn

The Boss at ExsanguiNation
Relationship Status:
Things could get interesting with Torchy

Torchy Gravenor 2

Torchy Gravenor

Welsh Dragon
 Runs the virtual SuperMarket
Relationship Status:
Looking out for Sheridan

Dakota Close

Dakota O’Cuinn

Born Human turns Blood Demon
ExsanguiNation Avatar: Sometimes works with the Dev Team
Relationship Status:
Heavily flirtatious with Briggs.

Tony Briggs close

Tony Briggs

Gargouille Dragon
ExsanguiNation Avatar: Draconis
Relationship Status:
Hot for Dakota


Amicula Darkrose

Born Vampire
ExsanguiNation: Player
Relationship Status:
past love of Khaldon



Ludovic is a born vampire. In ExsanguiNation he is a only a player. He has dated Dakota and is obsessed with making her his own.

Harris Archer

Harris Archer

Harris was Cheyenne’s college roommate for 3 years. In ExsanguiNation he has been an essential part of the executive team from the beginning. Even after this much time around the sisters he has some shocking secrets.
Relationship Status:Lone Wolf

Closeup of Beano


Beano is Cheyenne’s male Boxer, and her almost constant companion. He graciously lets Stormaggedon run the show.



Stormy is Sheridan’s female Pomsky with the size of Pomeranian and the attitude of Husky. She thinks she is the top dog of the pet circle.