Cut from chapter 2 – backstory
You could ask any one of us who was the heroine from the old 1969 movie, Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed, and it would be a race to see who could recall it first.  From there the game questions would escalate to who was the director, what country did it originate from, how many sequels, and on and on it went. By the way – it was the British actress, Veronica Carlson.
Our childhood games often went so far as sending secret codes to find clues to things on our hidden treasure pirate hunts.  We treasure hunted geo-caches long before it was ever a cool thing to do online. Events in movies would lend clues to our secret language, but nobody else would have an inkling as to what it meant.
We once had a treasure hunt which had a reference to a cemetery plot location while we were still in high school.  A teacher intercepted a note from Sheridan to Dakota and turned us in for defiling grave sites.  Why the principal had to call me in I still have no idea.  Nowhere on that note was my name found. Suppose I was guilty through association.  Our reputation preceded us.  That was a great call to the parents, let me tell ya.  I think we were all grounded for a month.